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A group learns to work together as a team.


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Teamwork Through Collaboration

Effective teambuilding strengthens relationships and safely challenges participants. We design and deliver high-quality outdoor adventures for schools, colleges, and organizations that do just that. Our programs can accommodate groups of all sizes, enabling your entire team to grow and develop together.

Design Your Experience

Tailored Programs

We customize programs that meet each group’s goals. Our facilitators bring people together through interactive games, initiatives, and nature-based activities that build community and shape culture. Participants learn to appreciate each other’s strengths as they take healthy risks and develop effective solutions to challenging problems.

Get participants moving and thinking critically and creatively as they build communication skills and authenticity. Interactive games such as “Jump In, Jump Out,” “Pipeline,” and “Sword In The Stone” inspire laughter, collaboration, and joyful learning.

A young student plays games in a field.

Initiatives strategically challenge participants to leverage each other’s talents to solve progressively more complex problems. “Bullring” prompts participants to move a ball from pole to pole using only a ring and thread. As they navigate this task, they discover how to effectively work together to execute plans and accomplish goals through listening and collaboration.

College students use a hula hoop to figure out how to work as a team.

Participants put outdoor skills to the test with activities such as shelter building, ponding, orienteering, and more. Individuals improve their navigational and scientific skills as they learn to cooperate, share ideas, and identify roles needed to succeed as a team. Shipwreck™ is one of our signature teambuilding activities—it challenges participants to work together in a survival simulation and reach a positive outcome.

High school students build a fire together in a survival simulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We run Teambuilding programs year-round, but some spaces and activities are seasonal. Our busiest times are at the start and end of the school year (August–October and May–June). If you plan to book a program during those months, it’s best to reserve your date as soon as possible. Some groups book up to a year (or more) in advance.

We provide organizations with a detailed list of recommended items, which includes refillable water bottles, closed-toe shoes, and clothing participants don’t mind getting a little messy.

We generally recommend 4–6 hours for a traditional program so we have time to get to know each other and deepen learning. We can run shorter programs as well—those typically focus on introductions and getting-to-know-you activities. Shorter programs are an excellent option for groups who may not be familiar with one another and unsure of how to approach group collaboration.

Teambuilding primarily focuses on developing connections and establishing team dynamics for participants of all ages—games, initiatives, and activities can be facilitated at Hale or at your organization’s site. Many groups that begin with Teambuilding move on to Challenge Course programs as a next step; once group dynamics are established, low and high ropes elements provide a new level of challenge and excitement. Field Trips are typically grounded in schools’ academic curricula and lean heavily on Hale’s natural resources to enhance subject matter learning for students.

Teambuilding exercise.

“Your team rocked it. Thank you for providing the space to challenge by choice, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, build community, and so much more. We are thankful for this collaboration and for each one of you. Looking forward to next year.”

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