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Uniting People, Place, and Purpose

About Hale

Hale connects people from all walks of life with the outdoors, inviting generations of explorers to enjoy and protect the natural environment.

Together, We Are Hale

From students to campers to dog walkers to artists, Hale empowers people by giving them the resources and space needed to learn.

A Place of Growth for Everyone

Our programs and work span Hale’s 1,200 acres and beyond.

Our ponds, trails, plants, animals, birds, fish, and insects spark curiosity. Lifelong learners enjoy limitless opportunities for growth and discovery here, whether they’re overcoming a fear of heights on the challenge course or spying a family of deer along a trail.

Whether they’re ascending Powissett Peak, performing an acoustic concert, or learning a design thinking approach to leadership development, our community members challenge themselves, channel their creativity, and develop a deep sense of compassion for the world.

We’re creating a stronger tomorrow by offering innovative programs for all ages. Opportunities for personal growth, such as Youth Leadership Development Programs and The Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership at Hale, bring creative and talented people together and offer them the necessary tools to become future leaders.

Hale customizes and delivers high-quality adventures for schools and their students. Our professional facilitators lead programs such as Hale Outdoor Learning Adventures, Intrepid Academy at Hale, and Field Trips, which blend academic content with hands-on outdoor learning. Hale programs strengthen relationships and safely challenge participants to reach objectives and goals.

Kids and family members immerse themselves in our programs and activities year-round. During the summer, we invite campers to make friends at Hale Day Camp, build outdoor skills at Hale Adventure Camp, shred trails at Hale Mountain Biking Camp, or hang out with friends and neighbors in our Family & Community Program. We also host a variety of family-friendly events throughout the year that invite participants to gather, learn, and appreciate nature. 

Hale’s efforts to preserve and protect our land, serve as a community resource, and offer best-in-class programs wouldn’t be possible without the support of our donors. Through their financial support, generous individuals, foundations, and corporations help maintain the integrity of our property and ensure the local community can continue to call Hale a sanctuary for outdoor recreation and education.

Whether you’re a dog walker, mountain biker, trail runner, or cross-country skier, you’ll discover endless opportunities to stay active outdoors throughout the year. We invite you to plan your visit by exploring activities and charting your course before setting out on Hale’s 1,200 acres of adventure.

Learn More About Hale

Inspired by the Past, Dedicated to the Future

We’ve been changing lives by connecting people to the outdoors for more than a century. Learn about the history, mission, and impact of our programs.

The land we now call “Hale” has a long and rich natural history, and served as hunting, fishing, and gathering grounds for Indigenous peoples. In 1918, Robert Sever Hale first made it available to scouts from Greater Boston communities, inviting them to build shelters, camp, and farm. Originally dubbed “Scoutland,” the organization evolved to become an invaluable community asset that “develops intelligent, capable, and responsible citizens.” Mr. Hale’s vision and land bequest set the stage for Hale Reservation, which flourished as a center for outdoor education in the 1960s and ’70s. Today, Hale Education is reimagining learning through its camps, academic partnerships, and as a community resource.

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Hale exists to unite people in diverse learning communities that build meaningful relationships, bridge connections to the natural world, and develop common goals. Our belief statement articulates the importance of providing activities, events, and programs that make outdoor learning accessible for all.

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Every learner belongs at Hale. Through camps, school programs, professional development, public events, and open space, we spark curiosity and bring friends, neighbors, parents, students, donors, and outdoor enthusiasts together to build connections and close the nature and opportunity gaps. Our long-standing partnerships with local organizations extend Hale’s impact.

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