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Hale’s High School Volunteer Program develops leadership skills as volunteers work closely with seasonal staff members to meaningfully impact Hale’s visitors, have fun, and enjoy summer.

There are two programs you can volunteer for during the summer:

  • Day Camps: Volunteers help deliver programs for ages 4–12, which may include: supporting special theme days; assisting on the waterfront (such as playing with kids who don’t want to swim); lending a hand in the building, maintenance, and cleaning of facilities; and working with HOLA to support instructors and enhance student learning comprehension during knowledge blocks.
  • Family & Community Program: Volunteers help deliver this program for all ages and focus on ages 3–11 in particular, which may include: spending mornings facilitating (and having fun in) activities; planning and learning to run community games; and supporting afternoon sessions of Nature & Adventure, Arts & Crafts, or Sports & Games.

A minimum time commitment of 2 weeks is required, but these weeks do not need to be consecutive and can be spread out throughout the summer. All hours worked will be documented so that you can apply them toward any volunteer requirements (for graduation, scouting, etc.).