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Investing in the Future

Financial Aid

Hale strives to be a place where people from all backgrounds and circumstances have opportunities for education and recreation.

Everyone Belongs Outside

No one’s financial circumstances should prevent them from enjoying the great outdoors. We invite folks who may not be able to afford Hale’s programs to join us with the support of financial aid.

People can apply for assistance for Hale Summer Camps, our Family & Community Program, School Vacation Days, and the Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership. Other programs, such as Hale Outdoor Learning Adventures and Intrepid Academy at Hale, incorporate financial assistance in their design.

We hope that by providing alternative financial arrangements, more people can experience our programs and build knowledge and skills that last a lifetime.

Hale’s financial aid is made possible by the generosity of individual donors, foundations, corporations, and public organizations. With their support, we make it possible for more people to learn beyond the walls of traditional classrooms and have life-changing experiences that only nature can offer.

Financial Aid Applications

Days off from school are more memorable when spent building shelters, hiking, sledding, and orienteering. Our Campership Fund makes these valuable experiences possible for more students, because every kid deserves a break from their routine and a chance to get outside when school isn’t in session!

Application Deadline: March 26, 2024

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Camp is synonymous with summer, and it’s where so many of us learn new skills and form lifelong friendships. Tuition can be prohibitive for many families—but that doesn’t mean their campers can’t enroll. We serve ages 4 and up, and bus transportation is included.

Application Deadline: February 1, 2024

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Registration fees should never be an obstacle to spending time with family, friends, and neighbors. Make the most of summer on our beautiful South Beach campus. Every two-week session includes daily activities that range from swimming to art to boating and more.

Application Deadline: February 1, 2024

Westwood Residents: Westwood Community Chest is glad to provide additional financial support for families in need. Applicants who live in Westwood who wish to apply for these funds should complete Hale’s application AND WCC’s application and submit BOTH to Lindsey Pierce.

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Hale’s Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership (PSi) provides opportunities for educators to grow as creative and visionary leaders across disciplines. It can lead to graduate credit and fulfill requirements for principal licensure.

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We work with a variety of schools and community partners to design programs that fit their needs and budgets. We do our best to ensure all students can participate in Teambuilding, Field Trips, Challenge Course and Overnight programs, HOLA, Intrepid Academy at Hale, and more.

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Expand Hale’s Community

Whether you’d like to explore financial aid for yourself or lend your support to others, help us ensure Hale makes nature accessible to all.

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