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Conservation and Sustainability

Through programs and practices, we encourage people to build relationships with nature that honor our belonging and connection.

A Sustainable Future

Nature invites us to listen. It asks us to immerse ourselves in its beauty, and it reminds us that our survival hinges on our ability to live sustainably. As continued development scars our planet, Hale is exploring innovative ways to develop a regenerative business and community, one that actively reverses climate change, heals social systems and ecosystems, and integrates communities with their environments.

Current Initiatives

Today, Hale is:

  • Exploring the concept of regenerative communities through internal education, public symposia, and curriculum design
  • Working with schools to integrate outdoor education into their curricula and teaching practices
  • Monitoring trails and program sites for erosion and diverting runoff from ponds and streams
  • Limiting the use of fertilizers and road salt, and regularly testing our watershed to ensure ecological health

Ongoing Projects

Our Community Solar Garden’s array of panels, situated on a capped landfill, allows us to capture and share the sun’s energy with our neighbors. Developed by BlueWave Solar and built by local contractor Conti Solar, the panels are now owned and operated by a subsidiary of Amp Energy. Customers who purchase solar shares lower their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprints. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Hale is also mitigating climate change by increasing its composting efforts. Improperly disposing of biodegradable food not only adds mass to landfills but also contributes to methane emissions, a powerful greenhouse gas. Mindlessly tossing these items harms Earth’s land, water, and energy. Conversely, composting is regenerative. It can support farmers, improve and restore wildlife habitats, and renew contaminated soils. Composting can also reduce methane emissions and improve carbon sequestration in soil.

Conservation Efforts

Hale is proud to collaborate with several organizations to protect and pursue the conservation of its land.

The Westwood Land Trust and Dover Land Conservation Trust work in our local communities to preserve our natural resources and wildlife. The Dover Open Space Committee and Westwood Environmental Action Committee are both proponents of green initiatives and land protection. The Trustees cares for countless special places across Massachusetts and intends to hold the CR.

We thank these groups for working alongside Hale to advocate for permanent land protection. Together, we stand united in our belief that this open space plays an invaluable role in our local community and regional ecosystem.

Hale’s conservation efforts are many years in the making, and we are working hard to secure support and amplify the impact of our community’s investment. Additional details are available on our Conservation Restriction page.

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Protect Nature

Advocate for conservation, make a donation, explore our programs, and get involved. Join us in promoting land stewardship that creates a brighter tomorrow for future generations.