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Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers of all ages are drawn to Hale’s rugged, varied terrain just miles from Boston’s city line. Whether you like to ride on your own or as a participant of our programs, we’re glad to welcome you to our community of riders.

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About MTB at Hale

There are many ways you can (courteously) shred Hale’s trails. We’ll be glad to help you learn, practice, and progress through our clinics, clubs, and programs.

Youth Mountain Biking

Youth riding is our specialty. Many of these programs offer opportunities for adults to participate as well—by joining us as a staff member or volunteer, you can help kids learn about the sport.

Elementary and middle school-age students focus on skill-building and ride time throughout summer. Campers execute drills, increase endurance, and learn about bike maintenance and trail stewardship in our private skills park and beyond.

Youth learning how to ride bikes.

Shred with the best. Our premier mountain biking program for older kids and teens includes options in cross-country and downhill. Regular practice rides focus on building skills and maintaining fitness as coaches prepare young riders for the world of racing.

Cyclist Profile

Hale offers youth skills clinics and programs with coaches and instructors who teach technique and increase confidence. Sign up for a single session and focus on a specific goal, or join a season-long program and learn with a community of riders.

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I’ve been mountain biking at Hale for about 15 years. The property and programs have changed a lot, and I continue to enjoy Hale’s diverse trail network and natural scenery. It’s an easy escape from the noise and bustle that surrounds Boston.

Adult Mountain Biking

Adult programs include clinics and special events that improve skills and build community. BICP-certified mountain biking instructors teach technique and increase confidence. Participants maintain an adventurous spirit and embrace the ‘challenge by choice’ motto—clinics aren’t about achieving the group’s or the instructor’s goals; they’re about each rider’s growth as they set their own pace and explore features and challenges.

MTB Essentials

Several basic skills are needed to safely enjoy mountain biking. This clinic takes advantage of a controlled environment to review the three MTB essentials, emphasize the importance of body positioning, and introduce five key skills: braking, small features, shifting, steering, and dismounts.

MTB Wizardry

This clinic expands on the importance and power of body positioning and teaches riders to navigate tight situations, work on climbing and descending, tackle tough features, and practice cornering. Using controlled environments and open trails, intermediate riders improve skills for safe and fun riding.

MTB Jump Clinics

Intermediate and advanced riders make progress together as they go from wheel lifts to bunny hops to small gap jumps. These clinics explore the mechanics of taking off and safely landing on flats and descents.

MTB Session

Head out to the trails and put your skills to the test with climbs, features, and downhills. It’s the real deal. Drops, jumps, corners, and tricky rocks make for a lot of fun. Participants should feel comfortable on mountain bikes but this clinic is NOT limited to experts—embrace the challenge!

Become a Coach

Our Coaching Clinic is designed for those who work with Wild Ones MTB participants, Hale MTB Camp counselors, Dover Demons riders, and adults from the Minuteman Road Club. It focuses on key elements of being a mountain biking coach and educator. We cover teaching methods, drills, and offer tips and tricks for working with kids.

Upcoming Clinics & Events

We offer clinics and events throughout the year. Check out our Events Calendar to see what’s coming up in the world of mountain biking.

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Explore On Your Own

Hale’s 20+ miles of multi-use trails are available for mountain biking year-round. Please review our Visitor Guidelines for trail maps, general information about public use, and rider expectations.

Annual Races

Hale is proud to host two annual MTB races that feature some of Hale’s favorite trails and sections that offer something for riders of all ages and abilities. Our fall race, the Great Pumpkin Smash, is in October. Our spring race, the Final de Barro, is in early May. These family-friendly events always include something special on race day!

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Pumpkin Smash

This XC Olympic format race features some of Hale’s best trails.

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Final de Barro

Each spring, we celebrate the end of mud season with a ride on terra firma.


Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport with an injury risk profile similar to skiing, snowboarding, and contact sports such as soccer, hockey, and basketball. The most common injuries are minor cuts and bruises. Programs guide novice riders on trails that allow them to safely develop their stamina and technical skills so they can discover their comfort zone and limits. Always wear a helmet. Body armor is also recommended. Those who ride at Hale do so at their own risk.

Terrain at Hale varies in technical difficulty. You may encounter tight switchbacks, banked turns, rollers, small bridges, table tops, gap jumps, and rock drops. Always ride within your ability and work your way up to more difficult features. Remember to inspect features before riding, as conditions change due to weather and use. Do not enter Hale MTB Camp’s skills park without staff supervision. Please refrain from biking through program areas, especially when camp is in session during the summer.

Programs typically ride in drizzle or light rain, but will delay or cancel rides during heavy rain. We steward the trails we ride, so we refrain from riding during mud season (usually March) and during heavy downpours that can result in damage. Wild Ones MTB races occur rain or shine. Kindly refrain from riding during “mud season,” as it can severely damage the trails we rely on.

It certainly helps to be able to make simple repairs while you’re out on the trails, especially if you’re riding solo. Wild Ones MTB runs a bike maintenance night at the beginning of the pre-season to develop these skills and help you learn to keep your bike in tune. During practice sessions, riders and coaches on the trails are ready to help. During races, professional support is available.

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Protect the Land

Advance the Sport

No matter how you choose to explore Hale by bike, we hope you’ll consider helping steward the property by making a gift and joining us as an annual member.