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Uniting People, Place, and Purpose

through nature, education, and recreation

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Welcome to Hale Education

We’re a private nonprofit widely recognized for our flagship camps, youth programs, family and community activities, school partnerships, and professional development opportunities. For more than a century, we’ve been helping people learn, grow, and thrive in the outdoors.

Hale's Campaign for Kids, Conservation, and Community logo with a sunrise in the background

Protect Hale

Our activities and programs wouldn’t be possible without Hale’s 1,250 acres of forests, ponds, and meadows, but that land isn’t protected.

Learn how you can support the Campaign for Kids, Conservation, and Community—together, we can protect Hale forever.


What We Do

We serve thousands of children, families, friends, and neighbors from 70+ Greater Boston communities every year.

Dozens of programs that span a variety of fields, interests, and ages

Hale offers education and recreation for everyone. From day camps for kids and a summer program for families, to teambuilding, field trips, and challenge course initiatives for schools and organizations, we reimagine learning and build community year-round.

Blindfolded teenager holding rope helped by other campers.

The skills, capacity, and confidence to lead schools and organizations

Hale promotes lifelong learning. The Perrone-Sizer Institute offers graduate credit and supports qualification for principal licensure. We also provide coaching and consulting services, plus a variety of courses and workshops. Discover how our professional development opportunities can advance your career.

Adults collaborating at a picnic table in the woods.

1,200 acres of adventure for personal recreation and community events

More than 20 miles of trails meander along forests, ponds, and meadows, and regular events—including equinox and solstice hikes, community beach days, and concerts, classes, and clinics in everything from painting to mountain biking—promote well-being.

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Our Mission and Impact

Hale believes nature, education, and recreation inspire us to learn, empower us to lead, and challenge us all to create a world in which people, place, and purpose are united. Our work spans five areas.

Reimagining Learning

Reimagining Learning

Education can be pursued outside classrooms, and information can be found beyond books. Everyone is a learner at Hale, and we help each other grow in the great outdoors.

Building Community

Building Community

Community inspires, and belonging to one has never been more important. Hale is a community of communities—one that welcomes a variety of ideas and interests, and honors a shared history that spans generations.

Achieving Equity

Achieving Equity

Equity requires access. Hale aims to close the nature and opportunity gaps, and nurtures partnerships that make outdoor learning available to all.

Fostering Wellness

Fostering Wellness

Wellness is multidimensional. It’s conscious, self-directed, and deeply personal, and it’s defined by our daily choices. Hale promotes the care of mind, body, and spirit.

Protecting Nature

Protecting Nature

Nature matters, and it must be protected. Hale educates people about the many plants, animals, birds, fish, and insects that call its property home, and instills appreciation and respect for our planet.

Become a Member

If you believe in what Hale Education stands for, join our community today.

“Taking my kids to Hale every day to participate in activities, make friends, and connect with nature is the best thing I can do as a mother and educator. It’s the perfect place—safe, welcoming, and beautiful—for children and adolescents to develop their independence and resilience.”

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