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Microphones and lights are ready for a musician to take the stage.

Arts at Hale

At Hale, we believe art can transform individuals and communities through education, personal growth, and positive change.

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Art Is in Our Nature

The arts inspire us to dream, invite us to be curious, and challenge us to explore our own creativity. Art is a reflection of our humanity, capturing the essence of who we are and what we value. Hale’s Visual and Performing Arts Programs include concerts, installations, poetry readings, and more, paving the way for artists of all ages to share their stories and forge connections in a world that so often feels divided.

flowers against blue sky

Art for All

Our diverse art programs offer something for everyone. Discover the unique opportunities that bring together family, friends, and the greater community.

We believe art can build bridges that bring people together. Arts at Hale invites us to cry together, sing together, and laugh together. No matter where you come from, the arts invite you to be part of the Hale community. 

Audience clapping in the Hale barn.

An artist approaches a problem creatively and isn’t afraid of failure. Even a mistake on canvas can transform into a masterpiece. Hale’s professional development curricula, such as the one employed by the Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership, encourage the artist’s mindset as you grow your career.

Panel of artists.

Hale offers a stage for artists to showcase their talents and authentic selves. Whether it be through performing under the twinkling lights of the Cucchiara Barn, painting a rendition of Noanet Pond as the sun sets, or participating in a panel discussion after a film screening, art in nature can inspire passion.

Microphones on stage.

While being asked to think of a time I felt free and what that means to me during a Juneteenth event, the question evoked a stimulating anxiety that helped me focus my emotions. At the same time, I felt closer to people sitting in the room with me, as if boundaries were crossed, linking us in collective community. It is an experience not to be missed.

Performing Arts at Hale

Unwind, relax, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Performing Arts at Hale. Our community-based events invite the audience to celebrate culture, talent, and narrative.

Live at Hale

Music in the Barn

Support your local artists! Come out to Hale to enjoy an afternoon or evening of music. Our intimate concerts and events, such as Music in the Barn and our annual Steam Kettle Festival, are fun and engaging, perfect for friends and family.

Poetry Nights

Discover the power of words and ideas as featured poets share original creative work that reflects their unique experiences and personal journeys. An open mic welcomes attendees to share their stories for an evening of learning and listening.

The Playback Experience and Westwood High School's “Let’s Talk About Race' committee helped the community look at itself through theater at Juneteenth at Hale.

Theater in the Woods

From Playback Theatre to staged readings, Hale invites the community to explore current topics and a variety of themes. With nature as a backdrop, actors use metaphors, imagery, and symbolism to perform stories that honor diverse narratives and storytellers.


When you want to create art in community, join us for workshops that welcome everyone. Learn about writing and reciting poetry, participate in a paint night, collaborate in musical jam sessions, and more.

A campfire heats a teapot as its steam rises into the woods.

Steam Kettle Festival

Gather your neighbors, grab your camping chair, and get ready for a day of live music in the fall! Our eclectic seven-hour Steam Kettle Festival features musicians from far and wide that perform across genres, including blues, folk, jazz, soul, and pop. This porchfest in the woods includes fantastic tunes, a beer garden, and food trucks. Proceeds support Hale’s educational programs.


Our 2024 festival is Sept. 28. Early bird tickets are on sale now.

Inquire About Performing

This year’s lineup is complete, but feel free to express interest in performing at future festivals.

Festival Sampler

Check out songs from artists who will perform at this year’s festival Molly Grace will headline, and she’ll be joined throughout the day by Lee Wilson, Three At Home, Amanda Shea and The Snack Pack, Brothers McCann, Louder Than Milk, Portrait In Jazz, Tenille Ja’Nae, and TOKYO TRAMPS.

Visual Arts at Hale

Hale’s Visual Arts programs invite people of all ages to shape and share creative pieces through various media.


Whether you’ve never picked up a paintbrush or never leave your sketchbook at home, classes like our annual plein air paint night welcome amateur and master artists alike.

'Decomposing Myself' natural art exhibit.

Art Installations

Visual artists are invited to share their work in the woods and beyond. From displaying paintings in buildings to crafting public art from natural media, you never know what you’ll see at Hale.

Media Highlights

While we would love for you to join us as an audience member at one of our live shows, we invite you to relive memorable moments captured on film. Enjoy media clips from concerts to poem readings to public art installations.

Check Out Hale’s Past Featured Artists

Hale is proud to have featured a variety of celebrated artists over the years. Each show, concert, and reading has brought diverse communities together and united us through art.

  • Andrew O’Keeffe
  • Ariel Strasser
  • Chris Trapper
  • Calvin Mausteller
  • Colin O’Dwyer
  • Conor Ryan Hennessy
  • Cold Car
  • Deb Todd Wheeler
  • Emily Theis
  • Erin Ash Sullivan
  • Hayes Cummings
  • Jenne Halstead
  • Josie Lowder
  • Just Another Guru
  • Ken Carter
  • Late Night Thoughts
  • Lisa Bastoni
  • Lynn Bailey
  • Sara Colb
  • Sean Witty
  • Sophia Jane
  • Steve Robb
  • Sympli Whitney Productionz
  • The Doppelgangers
  • The Kemp Harris Group
  • The Old North
  • The Remedies
  • Three at Home
  • Tim Van Ness
  • TIMKO & Co.
  • Tom Burris
  • Whaling Museum
  • Wild Sundays
  • Zack Bolles
  • Sarah Audsley
  • Douglas Bishop 
  • Michael “Warrior” Bonds 
  • Will “Will C.” Chalmus 
  • Art Collins
  • Dariana Guerrero 
  • Henrietta “Queen” Hodge 
  • Kayla Kennedy
  • Isabel Cristina Legarda 
  • Maureen McElroy
  • Cole Rodriguez
  • Bianca Thompson
  • Lexi Wight
  • Katya Zinn

“Decomposing Myself”

by Johnny Lapham

Massachusetts-based sculptor Johnny Lapham created “Decomposing Myself” to remind us the woods are alive and hard at work processing death and decay into rebirth and new growth. Each tree trunk “finger” is covered in decomposing bark, lacy nest complexes of holes and tunnels made by wood-boring insects, or a frilly coating of turkey tail mushrooms.

“Decomposing Myself” is an ancient forest hand waving “Hello, I’m here!” and also “Goodbye, I am decomposing” to highlight how the active world of insects, fungi, and micro-organisms are continuously turning fallen leaves and trees into rich earth, supporting new life.

Lapham has been creating sculptures of hands from broken and discarded chairs, broom handles, branches, and roots for ten years. See more of his work at

Thank You for Making a Difference

In 2022, a generous grant from the Margaret Stewart Lindsay Foundation dramatically expanded Hale’s arts programs. This funding supported Hale’s first artist-in-residence and introduced poetry and theater. We are sincerely grateful for the Foundation’s support and belief in the importance and impact of art.

Margaret Stewart Lindsay would be so pleased to know how her legacy is sustaining the arts at Hale. She would have undoubtedly dressed to the nines and attended every poetry night and music event in its barn, pavilions, and fields.

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Steam Kettle Music Festival 2022
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