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Give In to a Slower Summer: Restorative Outdoor Activities for All Ages

By  June 30, 2023 3 min read
A group of people on a beach with a little girl holding a ribbon.

Living in New England means summer is limited to a few short months. All winter, we dream of long days by the lake, evening walks after work, and all the backyard barbeques. But then, the culture of busyness grabs hold and we overschedule and double-book what could be one of the most restorative times of the year. Think back to the slower days of your youth and make the most of summer outside by slowing it down. Way down.

Encouraging Kids’ Summer Fun

A nature walk, a playground visit, or a bike ride around the local park may seem mundane to adults, but for young children, this is what memories are made of. A simple motivator like our I Spy Summer activity might be all it takes to get them to use all five senses and be more mindful of the world around them.

A visit to the local spray park or a walk to an ice cream stand can make even the hottest days more manageable. Tip: You can find ice pops at Hale’s Family and Community Program, and if you don’t have two weeks to spare, a South Beach Day Pass makes for a quick getaway. 

Getting Teens and Young Adults Outdoors with the Family

Coaxing teens and young adults to spend time outside with the family often requires a different approach. Consider allowing them to bring their friends for a hike or overnight camping trip, or offer to get their favorite fast-casual takeout for a picnic by the water. Trying something new together can also be a good way to bond with them. Take a day trip, or walk along Boston’s Emerald Necklace to appreciate the city’s greenery. Hale’s Paint Night on Aug. 24 is a fun way for empty nesters to try something new with adult children. The event invites new and experienced artists (21+) to paint al fresco as the sun sets over Noanet Pond.

Outdoor Activities for Adults and Seniors

Whether you’re a young adult, new parent, or empty nester, summer’s longer days should ease into mellow evenings. Outdoor tunes are plentiful in the area, including Hale’s Music in the Barn series and our upcoming Steam Kettle Festival. Swimming as the sun sets can be a special luxury as Hale’s youngest visitors head home. Whether you let the day’s worries float away or work them out during lap swim, round out the evening by grabbing a pizza or grilling your own food in the picnic area at South Beach.

However you decide to enjoy this special time of year, we hope nature inspires you to slow down, restore, and enjoy the simplest joys outside with the people you love.