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Why You Should Try Hiking

By  October 4, 2023 3 min read
A group of people hiking in the woods.

Greater Boston is home to many beautiful trails. Blue Hills Reservation offers stunning scenery, and Wilson Mountain Reservation offers a peaceful escape. Hale Education’s 1,200 acres offer diverse trails, beaches, and four ponds to explore. No matter your level of expertise, you’ll find the perfect path here.

A Natural Workout

What better way to get exercise than by enjoying the beauty of the outdoors? No matter what level of difficulty you choose, any form of hiking is a great workout. If you’re looking for a challenging hike with mixed terrain, Noanet or Powissett Peaks may be a good fit. Other routes at Hale, such as Split Rock Trail, are flatter and more suited to beginner and intermediate hikers. Even just a few minutes on these winding paths will help you work your muscles and break a sweat. Afterward, stretch and relax by one of our ponds or, in the summer, go for a swim at South Beach.

Mental Health and Stress Relief

We could all use some time to better ourselves and reduce stress. Hiking in nature helps us reconnect our minds with our bodies. The American Psychological Association highlights how engaging in natural experiences can reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression. Hiking helps us unplug from the digital world.

Discover Hidden Gems

Hiking affords us views of nature’s most scenic landscapes, many of which can’t be observed in other ways. In addition to great views, encounters with wildlife are possible, too: Whether it’s an animal, plant, or rare mushroom, you’re sure to discover something new. Every step draws us closer to nature’s surprises.

Create Community

Hiking creates a sense of community when enjoyed with others. The Westwood Community Trails program invites people of all ages to explore routes around town. Led by an experienced guide, these short monthly excursions are a great way to meet other outdoorsy people. If you prefer to gather friends or family members and venture out on your own, consider a “Hike of the Year” from Hale Magazine.

No matter how you decide to explore, remember to always follow the visitor guidelines on Hale’s website. See you on the trails!